Report Water Waste, Become a Water Hero


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Smart H2OSM is a user-friendly app that is freely available to all citizens. It allows them to report water waste very easily and in very little time. Through Smart H2OSM, citizens can partner with their water utility and be actively involved in saving water.



It’s Free! It’s Fast!
It’s the Smart H2O AppSM!

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Report Water Waste at The Speed of Light!

Open the app and report water waste from anywhere, in as little as fifteen seconds


Help Conserve and
Get Money!

Learn about statewide rebates and earn money while you save water


Want to help save California and earn money while saving water?





Water Scarcity – A Global Crisis

“Countries around the world are struggling to provide clean drinking water to their citizens. The frequent droughts, water deficits and water crisis affect millions of people, and therefore, everyone must act to help. Turf removal, rebates, and reduced portable water use only the first steps in effective water conservation.” 
– Deepak Garg, Founder & Chairman, SEW

Meeting a 25% potable urban water use reduction target is no easy feat. An effective water management plan must involve collaboration between local utility and the customers.

SEW is helping several water utilities globally, to improve water use efficiency, reduce leakages and report water waste.

Our Smart H2OSM  app has converted around 38.8 million consumers into 38.8 million water heroes, giving them an easy-to-use tool needed to fight water crimes, and establish themselves as water-saving advocates.